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The Web site consists of the horizontal and vertical menu

Horizontal menu

Home page - is the first page which you can see, having typed the address of our Web site

About the Company - a brief information about Joint Stock Company «Uzbekenergo»

Search - search in the site

Help - help on navigation in the site

Contacts - information on the contacts

Gov.uz - the reference to the web portal of the Government of the Republic of Uzbekistan

The vertical menu


Archive of news - contains history of the posted news

Structure of executive Body of the Company

Present situation and perspective development of Uzbek Power System

Branch reforms

Investment policy

Coal industry

Regulatory and legal documents



In the bottom part of the site, above the lower horizontal menu, the following references are located:

Forum - (English www-conference, synonyms: conference, web - conference). Forum is a tool for conducting a dialogue on the web site; for example, discussion of various subjects on company activity. Forum messages are in something similar to a post message, each of them has its author, a theme and contents itself. On order to send (or to inquire, from English word «to post») a message in a forum, it is necessary just to fill in the corresponding form on a web site. Messages sent in a forum, are stored for unlimited long time, and the answer in the forum can be given not exactly at the same day when the question has been posted.

Feedback - an opportunity of sending information (gathering of opinions, responses from visitors of a web-site), not using e-mail

Electronic forms - forms, applications and forms to be presented in the electronic format

Site Map - the description of the web-site sections with help of them you can easily navigate and find information necessary for you.

In the screen right part there is a column with the Company news.

Personal cabinet

electricity consumers
  • Ease of payment for electricity
  • Informing SMS payments
  • Information SMS message
  • Controlling costs
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