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JSC "Uzbekenergo" pays much attention to the improvement of the social situation, its further development and improvement of the well-being of workers and employees.

In 2017 it operated 12 social, cultural and recreational facilities, including 2 medical units, 1 Holiday House, 2 relaxation areas, 1 - sanatorium, 4 children's summer camps and 2 sports complex.

On the part of the JSC "Uzbekenergo" was adopted by the Republic of Uzbekistan presidential decree of February 7, 2017 No. UP-4947 "On the Strategy for the Further Development of the Republic of Uzbekistan" for execution. To ensure the fulfillment of the tasks outlined in the Decree, the Program of Implementation in JSC "Uzbekenergo" in 2017 according to the IV priority direction of development of the social sphere of the State Program was approved.

In accordance with this program in 2017, all expenses were fulfilled in the amount of 285948.2 million UZS.

According to JSC "Uzbekenergo" in 2017 it was planned to create 720 new jobs, 571 new jobs were created for the industry. Within the framework of the investment program, 4 jobs were created, 549, out of home work 18, 48002.31 million soums were spent through the development of the industry 549.

In order to develop tourism, 54.0 million soums were spent to organize visits to historical monuments of the country and travel of older people working in the energy system and retired, workers and their children.

To repair and strengthen the material and technical base of holiday homes, children's health camps, medical and sanitary units, 731.45 million soums were spent.

For the organization of restoring health, improving and resting employees of enterprises of the power system and their children, holding their free time, educating the mature generation, 16,000.0 million soums were spent.

In the children's health camps, 2,488 children were recovered, 977.8 million soums were spent.

Also, according to the item on youth, stipulated in the Program, competitions were held at the enterprises for chess, drafts, table tennis and other sports, 18.0 million sums were spent, free of charge visits to the industry youth and children of the sports system section of the power system.

In the subsidiary farms of the JSC Uzbekenergo system organized in the enterprises in 2017, 667.8 tons of milk were produced and sold, 157.1 tons of dairy products, 25.3 tons of cattle meat, 3.5 tons of lamb, 14.4 tons of poultry, 7.06 tons of fish. The total number of cattle farmed in the subsidiary enterprises of the company is 2,155 pieces, 1,409 of which are cattle, 746 sheep and goats.

Currently, the joint-stock company operates greenhouses whose area is 10.25 hectares. In them, in 2017, 24.1 tons of tomatoes, 48.4 tons of cucumbers and 3.66 tons of lemon were grown and delivered to consumers.

At five enterprises of the society beekeeping is organized, 340 hive are grown in them, in 2017 2.94 tons of honey were produced.

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