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Recently, the development of social production is carried out at high rates, which leads to the expansion of the negative impact of society on nature, adverse changes in the environment, pollution by substances harmful to living organisms, and the disruption of the dynamic balance of natural systems. Environmental protection plays an important role in the management of the economy and is an integral part of the economic mechanisms of the functioning of enterprises.

JSC "Uzbekenergo" is the largest producer and supplier of electricity and heat in the Republic of Uzbekistan and fully meets the needs of economic sectors and the population in electric energy. Among the most important problems that each industrial enterprise has to solve is the organization of an environmental control system.

Environmental protection activity of JSC "Uzbekenergo" is a set of measures aimed at preventing and reducing the harmful impact of the main production activity on the environment.

Departmental control in the field of environmental protection is carried out by the Environmental Protection Service of JSC Uzbekenergo. The main objective of the service is to organize and coordinate environmental activities aimed at reducing the harmful impact of enterprises of JSC "Uzbekenergo" on the environment and climate change, monitoring the implementation of environmental legislation; control over compliance with the established standards of maximum permissible emissions (discharges) of pollutants into the environment and limits on the distribution of generated waste, control over the formation and utilization of ash and slag wastes.

The nature protection activity of enterprises of JSC "Uzbekenergo" is carried out in accordance with the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan№.142 dated May 27, 2013. "Environmental Action Program of the Republic of Uzbekistan for 2013-2017", within the framework of a number of measures aimed at preventing environmental pollution by emissions into the atmosphere and waste from production and economic activities and the "Sectoral Environmental Action Program for the period 2017- 2021 "coordinated with the State Ecology Committee of the Republic of Uzbekistan.

Also, environmental measures are reflected in the annually developed Plan of "Basic measures for environmental protection" and in the order of JSC "Uzbekenergo" № 21 "On the main directions of socio-economic development of JSC" Uzbekenergo ".

Based on the decision of the Cabinet of Ministers of the Republic of Uzbekistan №.199 dated May 1, 2003."On improving the system of payments for environmental pollution and waste disposal in the territory of the Republic of Uzbekistan", the main enterprises of the energy system quarterly pay compensation payments for environmental pollution.

Within the framework of the investment program, JSC "Uzbekenergo" has implemented projects for the development and modernization of the electric power industry in recent years. Modernization of thermal power plants is of an environmental nature and leads to a reduction in the harmful impact of energy enterprises on the environment.

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